Take the Work Out
of Tail Painting

Paint 10 cows in 30 seconds while milking

Work smarter, not harder — no need to climb up.

Correctly and accurately apply tail paint with no mess.

Reduce missed heats by topping up regularly.

One missed heat costs $180!

No need for additional labour unit to tail paint!

Tailpainter One Colour Kit: $375

What is the Tailpainter?

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See Tailpainter In Action

See how easy it is to tail paint wherever is easiest for you!

Tail Painting with Tailpainter

  • Faster, easier, and safer
  • Have fewer bulls and milk more cows
  • Increase use of AI to improve dairy herd genetics,

    increasing your milk volume and value.

  • Maximise calf value by using beef AI

Tail Painting without Tailpainter

  • - More heats are missed due to poorly topped-up paint
  • - Calving is less compact with more empties
  • - Takes more labour and effort
  • - Increased risk of injury and falls
  • - Due to bull usage, there is a risk of bull infertility and injuries

Save on Labour Unit and Increase Safety

See how two Kiwi farmers got on with the Tailpainter in Spring 2019!

Tailpainter Benefits

Most Cost-Effective Method of Heat Detection

The Tailpainter uses tail paint which is the most popular method of heat detection, used by over 65% of Irish farmers.

Alternative to Electronic Heat Detection

The Tailpainter is an effective alternative to electronic heat detections systems, saving you €€€ on charges and fees

Reduces dependency on Bulls

Fewer bulls on your farm means a safer farm for you and more grass that allows you maximise the number cows producing milk on your farm

What other farmers think

I used Tailpainter in 2019. I know the value of tailpainting. Keeping the paint touched up is the secret. The Tailpainter has been of immense value.

John Murphy, Ireland

Extremely successful piece of equipment, very clean & efficient. No use of cattle crush required and is extremely safe. I would apply paint 2 to 3 times per week rather than once.

Eoin O’Sullivan, Ireland

I think it is piece of equipment that should be available in every milking parlour.

Paddy Landers, Ireland

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Tail paint a cow in about 3 secs.
No need to climb and risk an injury.

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